• Fragrance Ingredient May Hold Promise in Personalized Medicine

    Zewail City’s researchers identify a compound commonly used in perfume manufacturing as a novel DNA repair inhibitor, sensitizing ... Read More

  • ASRT Honors Zewail City’s Professors with the 2015/2016 State Incentive Award

    The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) announced the winners of the 2015 State Incentive Awards on May 17, 2016.... Read More

  • Apply Now for Admission

    Get ready to be a student at the University of Science and Technology, applications are available now... Apply Now!

  • Student Life

    Time spent away from lectures and laboratories can give added dimension to help enhance the academic experience... Read More

  • New Campus Development

    Construction at the new location is proceeding at a steady pace.... Read More

  • Donate to Egypt's National Project for Scientific Renaissance - Egypt Can

    Generous donations made by patriotic Egyptians, represented by Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy... Read More

  • Scientific Publications

    The research centers are setup and structured in a way that enables them to conduct both independent and joint research.... Read More

  • Distinguished Lectures Series

    At Zewail City of Science and Technology we seek to broaden the educational experience of our students through a series of lecture... Read More

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