Center for Fundamental Physics

Sherif El Gammal, Assistant Professor


Email: selgammal at zewailcity dot edu dot eg


I lead the CMS group at Zewail city.  The CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment is one of two general purpose detectors for the Large Hadron  Collider at CERN, the LHC; a machine that will allow physicists to stringently test the current Standard Model of particle physics at unprecedented energies.

The group at Zewail City is currently analyzing  data already collected by the CMS experiment in 2010 – 2011 and planning for the upcoming 2012 data.  The analysis is based on the study of High Energy Electron-positron Pairs (HEEP),  which can lead to the discovery of new physics, emanating particularly from new gauge groups from Grand Unified Theories (GUT), or extra spatial dimensions (which could show up through modifications  to the Standard Model Drell-Yan pair production) and through heavy resonance production. We are also interested in studying the existence of heavy leptons (e*, mu*) via looking to the topology of di-lepton plus photon in the events collected by CMS experiment.

In addition, we were involved in studying detector responses to very high energy electrons and photons (E > 500 GeV). This analysis leads to a method to validate the extrapolation to high energy (> 150 GeV) of the response of CMS electromagnetic calorymeter (ECAL) crystals to electromagnetic showers. It was shown that the energy deposit in the central, highest energy crystal of a 5 x 5 matrix can be parameterized as a function of the energy deposits in the 24 surrounding crystals.

Selected publications:-

  • CMS Collaboration, “Search for anomalous production of multilepton events in pp collisions at s√=7 TeV”, arXiv:1204.5341 ; CMS-SUS-11-013 ; CERN-PH-EP-2012-110. – 2012. – 33 p.
  • CMS Collaboration, “Search for leptonic decays of W’ bosons in pp collisions at s√=7 TeV”, arXiv:1204.4764 ; CMS-EXO-11-024 ; CERN-PH-EP-2012-103. – 2012. – 31 p.
  • CMS Collaboration, “Search for physics beyond the standard model in events with a Z boson, jets, and missing transverse energy in pp collisions at s√ = 7 TeV”, arXiv:1204.3774 ; CMS-SUS-11-021 ; CERN-PH-EP-2012-029. – 2012. – 39 p.
  • CMS Collaboration,“Search for Resonances in the Dilepton Mass Distribution in pp Collisions at 7 TeV”, JHEP 05 (2011) 095.
  • B. Clerbaux, Sh. Elgammal, T. Mahmoud and P. Marage, “Saturation and energy corrections for TeV electrons and photons”, CMS NOTE 2006-149 (2006).