Prof. G. D. Sharma

Professor G. D. Sharma received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, India.


In 1985 Shama joined the Jai Narian Vyas University, India as an assistant professor and was later on promoted to become a professor. During the period from 1990 to 1991, he was a postdoctoral fellow in the field of organic photovoltaic devices at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Rutgers University, U.S. Currently, he is working as director of the JEC group of Colleges, Jaipur Engineering College, India.


Sharma’s research area includes organic solar cells based on conjugated polymers, small molecules, and dye sensitized solar cells.


He has published more than 210 research papers in international journals. He has completed many research projects funded by the Indian government and joint international projects with Greece, Spain, South Korea, United Kingdom, Russia, and Japan. He has also supervised 16 Ph.D. students.


Sharma is a visiting professor at many international universities and research institutes.
He had frequently visited many countries like U.S., Greece, Spain, Switzerland, France, Japan, Singapore, Egypt, U.K., South Korea, Austria, Portugal and Finland, and delivered many invited lectures.

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