Prof. Mady Elbahri

Professor Mady Elbahri received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Cairo University. He then moved to Clausthal University of Technology, Germany where he received his Master of Science degree in polymer chemistry. In 2008, Elbahri obtained his Doctor of Philosophy degree in nanotechnology from the University of Kiel, Germany.


Elbahri is the head of the nanochemistry and nanoengineering group at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, the Institute for Materials Science, University of Kiel, and Aalto University School of Chemical Technology, Finland.


Elbahri holds more than 15 patents in U.S., Europe, and Germany. His research work establishes new aspects of nanosynthesis, nanocoating, nanocomposites, and nanooptics, along with the development of several devices using chemical and physical methods. In recognition of his scientific efforts, Elbahri received the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s Nanoscience Award (AGeNT-D/BMBF).

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