Ahmed Fahmy A. Youssef, Ph.D.


academic title

Associate Professor, Analytical Chemistry



Contact Information

Email: ahyoussef@zewailcity.edu.eg



Education:  Doctor of Philosophy degree in Analytical Chemistry , Cairo University, 1999.

Research Areas: Environmental Science, Pharmaceutical analysis 

Research Interests:

Air sampling and analysis, Water and wastewater treatment and analysis, Speciation of toxic elements in natural water.  

Keywords: atomic spectrometric analysis, Electroanalysis, Wastewater, Treatment, Air pollutants, heavy metal analysis, speciation   

1) Responsible Conduct in Chemistry A new and validated high-performance liquid chromatographic-fluorescence method for the determination of antiviral agent simeprevir for hepatitis C in human plasma, Ahmed F. A. Youssef, Yousry M. Issa, Kareem M. Nabil, Current Analytical Chemistry, 2020, 16, 1-8.

2)  Research and Practice: Global Perspectives, “Chemical Safety and Security Challenges in Academic Institutions in Developing Countries”, American Chemical Society. Ahmed Fahmy A. Youssef, Chapter 6, 97-106,  Published Nov., 2018

3)  Applications of CTAB modified magnetic nano-particles for removal of chromium (VI) from contaminated water, Souad A. El feky, Shymaa Ebrahim Mahmoud and Ahmed Fahmy A. Youssef, Journal of Advanced Research, 8, 2017, Pages 435-443.

4) Wollastonite Ceramic/CuO Nano-Composite for Cadmium Ions Removal from Wastewater Nabila Ammar; Ahmed Fahmy; Sayed Kanawy Ibrahim; Esmat Mohamed Ali Hamzawy; Mohamed El-Khateeb, Egypt. J. of Chem., 60, 5, 817-823

5)  Megacities as hot spots of air pollution in the East Mediterranean, Maria Kanakidou, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos, Tayfun Kindap, UlasIm, Mihalis Vrekoussis, Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Eirini Dermitzaki, Alper Unal, MustafaKoçak, Kostas Markakis, DimitrisMelas, Georgios Kouvarakis, Ahmed F. Youssef, Andreas Richter, Nikolaos Hatzianastassiou, Andreas Hilboll, FelixEbojie, FolkardWittrock, Hani Moubasher, Atmospheric Environment, 45, 1223-1235, 2011.



1) IUPAC Grant for Chemical Safety and hazardous waste management
2) CSP & CRDF Grant for Chemical safety and security curriculum development, USA

1) Cairo University Encouragement Award for Basic Science