Ahmed S. Abdelsamea

academic title

Associate Professor of Applied Math



A faculty member at the Applied Math department
Member of the ZC-SCC, IEEE student branch counselor


Contact Information

Email: aabdelsamea@zewailcity.edu.eg




Education: Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from McMaster University, ON, Canada in 2006.

Research Areas: Derivative-free optimization, Trust region algorithms, Surrogate modeling, Space Mapping, RF and microwave circuit design, Fractional filters, Yield Optimization.

Research Interests: Optimization algorithms,  CAE tools, Biosciences, Quantum computing,  Photonic crystals, Fractional calculus.

Keywords: CAE, Simulated-driven optimization, Design centering, , Fractional, Quantum, Space Mapping, EM-Based design



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1) IEEE member 

2) Technical reviewer for engineering-based and optimization Journals