Bachelor of Science in renewable energy engineering

The Renewable Energy major aims at graduating engineers with solid knowledge in state of the art techniques for generating green energy. These techniques include solar cells, wind energy, bio-fuel and biomass, natural gas, etc.

The program begins in years one and two providing a strong foundation in fundamental sciences, as do all of the programs at the University of Science and Technology. In addition, the program exposes students to multidisciplinary courses that broaden their background in material science, machines and circuits design.

Taken together, these courses will provide a strong theoretical background enabling students to devise a range of innovative approaches to the problem of efficient and clean sources of energy. Most of the courses are designed to have an experimental (laboratory) component. Graduation projects are selected from practical cases that can be developed using the advanced facilities available at the research centers.

Accordingly, all graduates are qualified in a way that will enable them to develop novel techniques for generating energy, and hence, open the horizon for new industries.

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