Moustafa Samir Moussa


academic title

Associate Professor, Environmental Engineering 


Program Director, Environmental Engineering Program

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Education: Doctor of Philosophy in Sanitary & Environmental Engineering from Technical University of Delft (TUD) and International Institute of infrastructure, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (UNESCO-IHE) Delft, The Netherlands (2004).

Research Areas: wastewater treatment, water supply sanitation services, sustainable development

Research Interests: wastewater treatment technologies, water supply and sanitation services improvements, urban & industrial sustainable development.

Keywords: wastewater treatment technologies, small-scale sanitation, water supply sanitation services, investment planning, decision support systems, sustainable development, innovative technologies/solutions.

1) Mahmoud R.Y., Moussa M. S., and Youssef ,T. (2012). Microbial Inactivation by Chlorine in the Presence and Absence of a Chlorine-Demanding Substrate and Its Effect on ß-D-Galactosidase in Egypt. Journal of American Science 2012;8(7)

2) CM Lopez-Vazquez, M Mithaiwala, MS Moussa, MCM van Loosdrecht(2013). Coupling ASM3 and ADM1 for wastewater treatment process optimisation and biogas production in a developing country: case-study Surat, India. Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 2013, 3(1), pp. 12–25.
3) Small-Scale Sanitation in the Nile Delta: Baseline Data and Current Practices. 2nd ed. Eawag, Switzerland-Egypt. Reymond, Ph., Demars, C., Papangelou, A., Hassan Tawfik, M., Abdel Wahaab, R., Moussa, M. (2014).
4) M. Mohamed,  A. Elansary, M. Moussa (2017) . A modelling  approach to manage water quality at Gharbia main drain Egypt.  International Water Technology Journal, IWTJ. Vol. 7–No.2, June 2017.
5) Philippe Reymonda, Rifaat Abdel Wahaabb, Moustafa Samir Moussac, Christoph Lüthia (2018). Scaling up small scale wastewater treatment systems in low- and middleincomecountries: An analysis of challenges and ways forward through the case of Egypt. Utilities Policy 52 (2018) 13–21.


1) Starting –up & Optimization of CSP station at Borg El Arab (MATS project)- (STDF – Egypt).
2) Center of Scientific Excellence for Food Research and Analysis (STDF-Egypt)
3) Certifying master plan engineering of Holding company for water & wastewater and its 25 affiliates (HCWW & Ac’s) with non-professional diploma in investment planning of water supply and sanitation project (GIZ- WWMP: 2020).
1) Development of water and wastewater decision support system (W&WWDSS) to facilitate the investment planning and prioritization to achieve Egypt target.
2) Participated in the feasibility studies of mega project in Egypt for improving water supply & and sanitation services in Egypt and the Mediterranean area (IWSPI, IWSPII, ISSIP, ESRISS, POR, H2020).
3) Participated in the development Global Sanitation Graduate School (GSGS) with IHE, Delft, NL.
4) Extensive experience in industrial water management which is reflected in industrial-oriented research, and in developing two week course in “Industrial Effluents Treatment and Residual Management” at IHE, Delft, NL.