Rabeay Y. A. Hassan, Ph.D.


Associate Professor

Nano-Science program

Zewail City for Science and Technology

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Education: Doctor of Philosophy degree in Analytical Biochemistry from University of Braunschweig, Germany

Research Areas: Biosensors and Microbial Electrochemical systems

Research Interests: Synthesis, characterization , and applications of nano-biosensor platforms  for microbial detection, and biomedical diagnosis.

Keywords: Electrochemical Biosensors, Microbial detections, and biomedical diagnosis

Positions: Associate Professor in Nanoscience program

1) Mohammed Sedki, Rabeay Y. A. Hassan*, Silvana Andreescu, Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny ‘‘Online-Monitoring of Biofilm Formation using Nanostructured Electrode Surfaces’’ Materials Science and Engineering. C (2019).

2) Rehab H. Mahmoud, Farag A. Samhan, Gamila H. Ali, Mohamed K. Ibrahim and Rabeay Y. A. Hassan*,‘‘Assisting the Biofilm Formation of Exoelectrogens Using Nanostructured Microbial Fuel Cells’’ Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry  (2018).

3) Rabeay Y. A. Hassan*, Moataz M. Mekawy, Pankaj Ramnani and Ashok Mulchandani  ‘‘Monitoring of microbial cell viability using nanostructured electrodes modified with Graphene/Alumina nanocomposite’’ Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2017).


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1) Development of new disposable nano-biosensor platforms for the detection of neurotoxic chemicals, Egyptian-Italian Joint project (ASRT: Principle Investigator 2018-2020)

2) Nano-Microbial Sensors: An advanced way for rapid pathogenic detection (STDF: Principle Investigator/2014-2017).

1) US-National Academy of Sciences & Arab-American Frontiers fellowship in collaboration with Clarkson University in New York City.

2) STDF Research Project (International collaboration between  NRC/Egypt & California University/ USA)

3) Erasmus Mundus, European Commission Fund, Postdoctoral Fellowship (Mons, Belgium)

4) DAAD Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Potsdam, Germany)

5) Conference Travel Awards funded by CSP (Chemical Security Engagement Program, USA)