Samy S. Soliman, Ph.D., MIEEE


academic title

Associate Professor, Wireless Communication Systems

Communications and Information Engineering


IT Director and Library Director

Head of Zewail City CISCO Networking Academy

Co-founder of the Wireless Communication Systems (WCS) lab

CIE Faculty member

Contact Information




Education:  Doctor of Philosophy in Communications, University of Alberta, Canada – 2014 Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of British Columbia, Canada – 2015

Research Areas: Wireless communication systems, Telecommunication networks, Communication systems and technologies

Research Interests:

5G communication systems, Internet of Things, Vehicular communications, Wireless sensor networks, Cognitive radio, Network function virtualization, Software defined networks, Ultra-dense networks, Satellite communications

Keywords: Relaying, WSN, NOMA, LTE, 5G, Full-duplex, Simulation, NB-IoT, V2V communication, Power allocation, Resource management

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2) S.H. Amin, A.H. Mehana, Y.A. Fahmy and S.S. Soliman, “Maximizing the Number of Users in Clustered MIMO-NOMA Systems Under Rate Constraint,” Springer Journal of Special Issues on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing, Mobile Networks and Applications, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 618 – 629, Apr. 2019
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4) R. Fleifal, S.S. Soliman, A. Badawi and W. Hamouda, “LTE Primary User Modeling Using a Hybrid ARIMA/NARX Neural Network Model in CR,” in Proc. IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conf. – WCNC 2017, Mar. 2017.
5) S.S. Soliman and N.C. Beaulieu, “Exact Analysis of Dual-Hop AF Maximum End-to-End SNR Relay Selection,” IEEE Trans. Comm., vol.60, no.8, pp. 2135 – 2145, August 2012.


1) NTRA Grant: “Radio Optical Network Simulation Tool (RONST)”
2) NTRA Graduation Projects Grant
3) Huawei Research Grant: “Ultra-Dense Networks for 5G Systems"