Tamer Ashour Ali, Ph.D


Associate Professor

Communications and Information Engineering

Zewail City of Science and Technology

NB, S017

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Education: Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering  from Rice University, TX, USA in 2010

Research Areas: Nanophotonics, Biosensors, Device Modeling, Computational Electromagnetics

Research Interests: Plasmonics, Photonics Crystals, Plasmon-Enhanced Photocatalysis, Plasmon-Enhanced Solar Cells, Sensors, Machine Learning, Applications in Electromagnetics.

Keywords: Plasmonics, Metasurfaces, Nanophotonics, MEMS, AI.

Positions: Vice Director of Accreditation Unit for Engineering Programs.

1) Ahmed Mekawy, Mohammad Khalifa, Tamer A. Ali, and Ashraf Badawi,. "Tuning optical properties of metasurface via piezoelectric effect." IET Optoelectronics (Published 22/01/2019).
2) Reem Abd Ei-Sttar, Endy Onsy, George S. Maximous, Ahmed Zaky, Tamer A. Ali, Ashraf Seleym, and Hassan Mostafa. "Diagonal Mode: A New Mode for Triboelectric Anogenerators Energy Harvesters." In 2018 New Generation of CAS (NGCAS), pp. 114-117. IEEE, 2018.
3) George S. Maximous, Ali M. Fatahalla, Ashraf Seleym, Tamer A. Ali, and Hassan Mostafa. "A New CAD Tool for Energy Optimization of Diagonal Motion Mode of Attached Electrode Triboelectric Nanogenerators." In 2018 16th IEEE International New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS), pp. 331-334. IEEE, 2018.
4) Hussein ME Hussein, Tamer A. Ali, and Nadia H. Rafat. "A review on the techniques for building all-optical photonic crystal logic gates." Optics & Laser Technology 106 (2018): 385-397.
5) Hussein, Hussein ME, Tamer A. Ali, and Nadia H. Rafat. "New designs of a complete set of photonic crystals logic gates." Optics Communications 411 (2018): 175-181.

Mohammad Khalifa, Ashraf H. Badawi, Tamer A. Ali, Nadia H. Rafat, and Ahmed A. Abouelsaood. "Low voltage vacuum nanotriodes for optical frequencies rectification." Journal of Applied Physics 122, no. 12 (2017): 124501


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Food and agriculture (STDF-NCP) / MM-wave biosensing-based detection of Food-borne and Pathogenic Bacteria in Food industry using Bacteriophage,STDF