Tamer Samir Mohamed Ahmed, Ph.D

academic title


Professor & Director of Environmental Engineering Program 




Professor of Chemical Engineering in the Environmental Engineering 


Contact Information


Email: tsamir@zewailcity.edu.eg



Education: Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA in 2007

Research Areas: Chemical Engineering; Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Waste Valorization; Process Simulation and Optimization; Reaction Engineering; Polymers

Keywords: Waste Valorization; Process Simulation; Optimization; Reaction Engineering; Polymerization

1) Eslam Sbaaei; Mai K. Fouad; Tamer S. Ahmed ”Predictive two-phase modeling and improvement for industrial Unipol® polypropylene process – Development and a case study” Computers & Chemical Engineering 134 (2020): 106719
2) Salah H. Bayoumy; Sahar M. El-Marsafy; Tamer S. Ahmed “Optimization of a Saturated Gas Plant: Meticulous Simulation-Based Optimization – A Case Study” Journal of Advanced Research 22 (2020): 21-33
3) Eslam Sbaaeii; Tamer S. Ahmed “Predictive modeling and optimization for an industrial Coker Complex Hydrotreating unit – development and a case study” Fuel 212 (2018): 61-76
4) Tamer S. Ahmed; Omar Y. AbdElAziz; George W. Roberts “Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol over γ-Al2O3-supported Iridium Catalyst” Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering 61, No. 4 (2017): 295-300
5) Tamer S. Ahmed; Omar Y. AbdElAziz; George W. Roberts “Preparation of Al2O3/AlF3-Supported Ru catalysts for hydrogenolysis of biodiesel-derived crude glycerol” Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 55, No. 19 (2016): 5536–5544.


1) Environmentally Friendly Hydromagnetic Desalination (STDF 2019).
2) Evaluation of Green Water Desalination using Salt Ions Pumps (Zewail City Internal Research Fund 2019).
3) Center for Innovative Chemical Industry Processes in Zewail City (Zewail City Internal Research Fund 2019).
4) Advanced hydrogen energy systems (collaborative research project funded through ERAfrica Project under FP7 EU Programme with partners from Norway, South Africa, and Turkey).
1) Extensive industrial experience, which is reflected in industrial-oriented research
2) Valorization of wastes of commercial interest such as valorization of by-product glycerol from biodiesel production to valuable products, orange peel waste to pectin, shrimp shells waste to chitosan, and agricultural wastes to alpha-cellulose for nitro-cellulose industry
3) Participated in more than 60 cleaner production, resource efficiency, chemicals and chemical waste management, waste valorization, and environmental assessment studies through more than 16 international projects funded by different international donors such as UNIDO, UNEP, AfDB, WB,…, etc.
4) Participated in the establishment of the first electronic platform for industrial waste exchange in Egypt