Accreditation Unit (AU)


At Zewail City, all University of Science and Technology (UST) educational programs are committed to continuously improving their performance. AU mission is to work on the continuous improvement of the necessary policies and regulations to achieve and maintain the national and international accreditation while following up on the implementation of policies and regulations within the academic programs to ensure fulfilment of accreditation requirements and the quality and efficiency of the education process.


Nationally and internationally accrediting the UST undergraduate programs by the ABET organization in 2021 and to meet the needs of the industry and the society in Egypt.

Duties and Accomplishments

  • Gaining the national accreditation by the Supreme Council of Universities for all UST educational programs.
  • Following up with the Supreme Council of Universities and reapplying on a frequent basis to sustain the accreditation benefits.
  • Continuous improvement of the policies and regulations to ensuring a high quality of education.
  • Following up with the implementation of quality assurance policies with programs champions.
  • Following up with the educational programs preparations to be internationally accredited (by ABET).
  • Raising the awareness among UST community about the importance, the requirements, and process of the international accreditation
  • Organized Events
  • Conducting sessions about the importance of national and international accreditation and the significance of the ongoing improvement process.
  • Conducting monthly meetings to discuss the accreditation major challenges and to work on solving it.
  • Inviting guest speakers from accredited organizations to provide seminars regarding the ABET accreditation process.

Current Structure

The Accreditation Unit of the University of Science and Technology (UST) at Zewail City has three full-time faculty members and one full-time Administration Manager as follows:

  1. AU Director.
  2. AU Vice-Director for Engineering Programs.
  3. AU Vice-Director for Science Programs.
  4. AU Administration Manager.