Center for Genomics



Hundreds of thousands of DNA breaks occur in our genome every day. What triggers their formation and how are they repaired? Why do we differ in our abilities to repair DNA damage and what are the consequences if we fail to repair this damage? Will we develop cancer? Will we lose cells and tissues? Will it affect brain function, cognitive abilities and intellectual performance? Will it make us age more rapidly? Will it influence the development of chronic diseases?

These are some of the fundamental questions we will be attempting to answer at the Center for Genomics (CG) with the aim of developing innovative strategies that can improve human health.

The CG employs a multidisciplinary approach to address these questions in order to better understand how genomes function in health and disease. We apply many tools used in genomic research, including physiological, imaging, molecular and computational techniques, with the aim of transforming genetic discoveries into new methods of treating and diagnosing disease.

This knowledge will generate new health innovations and will help identify novel drug targets.