Center of Assessment and Accreditation Support (CAAS)



- Assure the public of the quality of higher education institutions and encourage improvement and innovation in the design and delivery of higher education programs and services.

- Prepare university graduates for work in competitive national, regional, and international markets.



- Align higher education institutions with Pillar 7 of Egypt’s 2030 Vision which requires “Enhancing quality of higher education institutions” 





- Help achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 




Zewail City’s CAAS aims to improve the quality of higher education in Egypt and the region by supporting higher education institutes in providing students with holistic, competency-based learning experiences that are up to international standards.



- CAAS supports higher education institutes in developing and applying robust assessment frameworks as well as in obtaining recognition from international accreditation bodies. CAAS offers workshops, training programs, and seminars about learning assessment procedures, continuous improvement processes, and accreditation basics and applications. CAAS helps with building balanced curricula, and with course design and learning outcomes formulation.

- CAAS supports higher education programs by identifying relevant accreditation commissions and criteria, reviewing existing curricula against accreditation criteria, evaluating program's status, and providing recommendations for effective plans to meet accreditation criteria.

- CAAS monitors how accreditation criteria and interpretations change over time and orients the institutions seeking accreditation with such changes to effectively and efficiently apply any mitigation measures.

- CAAS provides customized technology services and integrated management solutions to fit the unique needs of different programs. These customized services and solutions help with supporting and automating the continuous improvement processes, organizing and managing the academic information and documents of interest to accreditation, generating insights from the courses and program collected data, and assisting academic administration in making well-educated decisions based on real data, supporting report findings and devising action plans, and closing the loop for improvement plans by following up on planned action items.



Program Gap Analysis

- Curriculum

- Policy and regulations

- Institutional capabilities


Training & Capacity Building

- Accreditation basics (significance, terminology, process)

- Program Assessment Methods

- Course Assessment Methods

- Preparation of readiness review and self-study reports


Assessment Support

- Develop a customized assessment framework aligned with the targeted accreditation agency


Peer Review

- Review readiness report

- Review the self-study report

- Pre-visit interviews with faculty, students, alumni, IAB, registrar, etc.

- Mock visit to campus (registrar, labs, library, etc.)

- Revise responses to comments from accrediting committee


Custom solutions

- Custom software solutions for managing the continuous improvement process and accreditation-related documents


Contact Information

- Email address:

- Phone Number: +20 128 733 3242

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