CG Theoretical Framework

Degenerative disease and cancer lie at opposing ends of the clinical spectrum. However, both can arise from related molecular defects. The Center for Genomics will focus on these opposite faces of the genome integrity “coin”, namely, cancer and tissue degeneration.

We will examine cancer cell resistance mechanisms and attempt to identify key modulators of genome integrity using novel genetic and siRNA screening approaches. In addition, we will examine links between DNA damage and tissue degeneration, with emphasis on neural dysfunction, cognitive decline and mental retardation.

We will establish partnerships with a number of hospitals to analyze well-annotated pathological material from patients with identified pathology. The resulting knowledge will facilitate the identification of organ dysfunction biomarkers and enable us to extrapolate findings that emerge from our research to the general population.

Our ultimate objective is to identify novel drug targets for the treatment of pre-pathological/pathological conditions. Therefore, the CG will be cooperating with the Center for Structure Determination of the Structure of Matter, and Zewail City research groups working in structural and molecular biology, with the aim of validating putative targets that may have potential use in drug development by the technology park. The CG will foster an environment in which interdisciplinary research can thrive and Egypt will be capitulated to the forefront of innovation.