City Administration




Office of The President 


Dr. Mahmoud Abdrabou Acting Executive President
Mrs. Wassima El-Shafie Manager Executive President Office




 Zewail City Deans' offices


Dr. Mahmoud Abdrabou Dean of Strategic Enrollment
Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Dean of Academic Affairs
Ms. Alaa Ali

Faculty Affairs Manager
Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs







Dr. Ayman El-Shebiny Director-General of Research
Dr. Mohamed AlKordi Head of Research Office




Student Admissions and Registration 


Mrs. Duaa Marafi Director of Admission and Financial Support
Mr. Medhat Gabry Registrar and Academic Advising Manager





Contact Email 


Dr. Mostafa Badawy Director of Valley of Science & Technology
Eng. Khaled Abdelfattah Chief Technology Officer 
Dr. Eman Fathy Director of Development and Scholarships Affairs
Mrs. Duaa Marafi Director of Marketing & Communications
Mrs. Iman Ismail Director of Procurement
Brig. Ahmed El-Shall Director of Security & Public Safety
Eng. Ahmed Salah Director of  Engineering and Facilities Management
Mrs. Marwa Mohsen Director of Non Academic Student Life
Dr. Al Shaimaa Hassan Director of Human Resources
Mr. Sherif Fouad Media Consultant
Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Anas Gaafar Legal Advisor
Dr. Hossam Mohamed Osman Director of Finance