City Administration

Chairman’s Office

Dr. Mostafa El-Sayed Chairman of the Board
Mrs. Ragia Mansour Executive Director and Secretary to the Board


Office of The President

Dr. Sherif Sedky Executive President
Mrs. Shahira Helmy Director, Office of The Executive President


Zewail City Deans

Dr. Mahmoud Abd Rabou Dean of Strategic Enrollment
Dr. Tarek Ibrahim Dean of Academic Affairs
Mrs. Dalia Issa Dean of Students
Dr. Ashraf Badawi Dean of Community Engagement and Outreach



Dr. Ayman El-Shebiny Director General of Research
Dr. Mohamed AlKordi Head of Research Office


Student Recruitment

Mrs. Ghada Hazem Director of Student Recruitment


Student Admissions and Registration

Mrs. Abla Osman Director of Admissions and Registration