CPSM Grants

Submitted (PI: Prof. Salah Obayya):

    • RRDI Italy, Novel Liquid Crystal Devices for Future Optical Networks (450,000 Egyptian pounds).
    • RDI Tunisia, Novel Nanophotonic Biological Sensors ($90,000).
    • STDF (Centers of Scientific Excellence), Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Scientific Computing (ICASC) (7 million Egyptian pounds).
    • NTPA, Green Photonics Telecommunication Network (1.5 million Egyptian pounds).
    • STDF (Innovation Grant), Novel Photodynamic Therapy for Water Treatment, in collaboration with National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences (NILES) (3 million Egyptian pounds) (under preparation).
    • STDF (Centers of Scientific Excellence) in renewable energy (10 million Egyptian pounds), in collaboration with Professor Sherif Sedky (CNT), Sandia National Labs, USA and University of Colorado, USA (under preparation).


Secured (PI: Prof. Salah Obayya):

  • STDF (National Challenges Program) in wearable computing in the medical field (1 million Egyptian pounds for 18 months), under the title “Novel Wearable Photonic Sensor for Glucose Monitoring”.
  • NTRA in green and energy-aware technologies, 1,320,000 EGP (24 months).
  • ITIDA in Quantum information , 135,000EGP (12 months).