Financial Aid

The cost of studying at the University of Science and Technology is currently 55,000 EGP (Fifty Five Thousands Egyptian Pounds) per semester, and is subject to an annual increase. This cost includes access to original individual textbooks during the courses, access to transportation routes supplied by Zewail City and mandatory laboratory supplies for experiments. Every student has to pay a financial contribution (FC) for his/her cost of study in the university depending on his/her family’s financial status.

Financial contributions (FC) may be paid through installments (as per each student's payment plan), cash deposits in any CIB branch or bank transfer with submitting the original payment receipt to the Admission and Registration Office each semester.



Allowed Percentage of Tuition for Refund

 / Time of Withdrawal During 1st Month or the Semester

Full Refund

First week of classes

80% of Tuition

Second week of classes

60% of Tuition

Third week of classes

40% of Tuition

Fourth week of classes


Financial Support

Zewail City offers a number of financial support plans to its Egyptian students based on merit and need. In order for a student to be eligible for financial support, the following has to be fulfilled:

-Meeting all the admission's requirements

-Demonstrating financial need

Financial support is given in the form of a fixed reduction from the cost of study, which varies from 10 % reduction to 100 %.

Verification and Review

In awarding financial support, the university considers students' individual circumstances, the number of submitted requests for financial support from all students, and the university resources. The financial support application and supporting documents are reviewed and verified by a committee. Students or their parents may be asked for an interview or to submit additional documents.

Application for the financial support has to be done after meeting all the admission's requirements and receiving the acceptance email. Financial support applications that have missing information or missing documents or wrong information will be considered incomplete and will not be evaluated.


Students eligible for financial support will receive a confidential notification including the amount of financial support to each eligible student. The amount of financial Support granted to each student will be fixed throughout their course of study at UST (4 years for science majors and 5 years for engineering majors), given that the student maintains eligibility for financial support.


To maintain the financial support award without evaluation, undergraduate students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above and maintain a full-time status (12 credit hours per semester or above). An exception from the credit hours criteria applies to graduating senior students during their final semester; where then the financial support award will be calculated in proportion with the number of registered credits.


Undergraduates who were granted financial support do not have to renew their financial support applications on yearly basis as long as they meet the above- mentioned criteria.
Undergraduates who fail to meet the above-mentioned criteria must submit a financial support regaining form. Renewal of their financial support will be subject to an evaluation of their academic performance.
Students who received a financial support and encountered changes in their financial situation and wish to review their award amount will need to submit a petition form along with the supporting documents proving the change in their financial situation before the deadline.


For Any Inquiry:


Please send an email to

Or visit the Office of Admission and Registration, Juyhayna square, Sheikh Zayed, 6th October, Giza, Egypt, every day from 8 AM to 2 PM except Friday, Saturday and the official vacations

Or contact 02-38540400: Extensions : 1363 / 1364 /1368 / 2364