M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics

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Program Description 


Mathematics is a crucial component for all scientific modelling systems. The Applied Mathematics program aims to provide scientists with solid mathematical foundations and modern mathematical tools to assist in modelling and understanding real world phenomena. The Applied Mathematics program offers M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics for applicants holding a B.Sc. in Science. Masters candidates must complete 12 credits of graduate-level core courses and 6 credits of the elective courses.


Core Courses:


1. Advanced Computational Methods (3 Cr)

2. Real Analysis (3 Cr)

3. Functional Analysis (3 Cr)

4. Advanced Differential Equations (3 Cr)


Elective Courses:


1. Fractional Calculus (3 Cr)

2. Regression Analysis (3 Cr)

3. Advanced Complex Analysis (3 Cr)

4. Introduction to Optimization (3 Cr)

5. Advanced Linear Algebra (3 Cr)

6. Measure Theory and Integration (3 Cr)

7. Abstract Algebra (3 Cr)

8. Graph Theory (3 Cr)

9. Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics (3 Cr)


Program Educational Objectives (PEOS)


The Applied Mathematics program aims at providing its graduates with:

1. A solid foundation in mathematics.

2. The ability to efficiently formulate and model scientific problems.

3. The ability to effectively use new emerging computational methods to model and study real world phenomena.

4. The skills of applying the mathematical concepts and data analysis techniques in analyzing the scientific problems.

5. The ability to employ SW packages to solve mathematical problems and to efficiently integrate it with the in-house models developed by the researcher