M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence Engineering

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Program Description


The MSc Program in Artificial Intelligence Engineering is a thesis-based program intended for students aspiring to acquire advanced technical knowledge and research skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence Engineering. The program prepares students for innovation in Artificial Intelligence Engineering, in two ways: firstly, the creation of innovative techniques and methods within the research area of Artificial Intelligence and, secondly, the application of these techniques and methods to create innovative computer solutions. The program focuses on the different techniques of AI and their applications to solve real-world problems. AI techniques, Optimization techniques, machine learning and deep learning fundamentals are covered in the core courses while the different AI applications are addressed in the elective courses. Some AI applications include computer vision, medical image analysis, Bioinformatics, NLP, search engine, conversational agents, and speech processing. The program includes a total of 40 credits towards the M.Sc. degree in Artificial Intelligence Engineering.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOS)


The MSc Program in Artificial Intelligence Engineering aims to achieve the following:

1. Equip graduates with advanced technical knowledge and skills to develop a computerbased system to address present and future challenges in Artificial Intelligence.

2. Develop graduates that can deal with and solve technological and scientific problems through the research of Artificial Intelligence.

3. Enable students to be creative in addressing and solving scientific and technological problems through research in Artificial Intelligence.