M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering

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Program Description

The M.Sc. program in Environmental Engineering is a thesis-based program intended for students aspiring to acquire advanced technical knowledge and research skills in the field of environmental engineering. Besides core courses delivering broad background, the M.Sc. program offers elective courses covering the following environmental engineering disciplines: water treatment and desalination, wastewater treatment, air quality, solid waste management, and soil and water management. 


Program Educational Objectives (PEOS)

The M.Sc. program in environmental engineering aims to achieve the following:

1. Equip graduates with advanced technical knowledge to address present and future challenges in environmental engineering disciplines.

2. Provide graduates with strong research skills to pursue careers in academia, cuttingedge consulting, or industrial research and development.

3. Prepare graduates who contribute to sustainable development in their respective employment sectors such as industry, consulting, and government agencies.