M.Sc. in Nano-Science

Program Description

Nano- Science Master Program focuses on the scientific phenomena that occur at the nanosize range. In addition to giving a solid foundation in basic sciences that provide students with a unique and versatile set of theoretical skills, the program prepares the students for performing good nano- science-related research, particularly in nanomedicine and functional materials fields. The program includes a total of 40 credits towards the M.Sc. degree in Nanoscale Science.


Program Educational Objectives (PEOS)

The Nano- Science Program aims at providing its graduates with:

1. Providing the Nanoscale Science students with a rigorous background in basic science, mainly, chemistry and physics -as well as the enough knowledge related to understanding the nano-phenomenon, and the behaviour of materials and devices at the nanoscale.

2. Providing the Nano- Science students with the advanced skills in the design, development and characterization of new classes of nanomaterials.

3. Preparation of the Nano- Science students to receive individualized and team-based learning in nanoscience-related fields.

4. Conferring the scientific, personal and professional skills required for the graduates of the Nano- Science program towards excellent career in academia, research, education, governmental sector, industry and entrepreneurship.