MEng. in Environmental Engineering

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Program Description

The MEng program in Environmental Engineering is a non-thesis program intended for practicing professionals in the environmental engineering sector as well as recent graduates looking to acquire knowledge and skills to enter the environmental-engineering job market. The objective of this MEng program is to equip program participants with additional training and expertise required to advance their careers in one or more of the following environmental engineering fields: water quality and treatment, air quality and pollution reduction, sustainability and waste management, and assessment and selection of renewable energy systems. The courses in the MEng program are tailored to provide participants with applied knowledge rather than pure theoretical knowledge. Course instructors have extensive professional experience and work on transferring their expertise to program participants.



Program Educational Objectives (PEOS)

The educational objectives of the MEng program in environmental engineering are to:

1. Equip program participants with advanced technical knowledge to pursue and advance careers in the environmental engineering professional practice

2. Prepare graduates at more specialized level to meet present and future challenges in environmental engineering disciplines

3. Prepare graduates who contribute to sustainable development in their respective employment sectors such as industry, consulting, and government agencies

4. Train graduates who can efficiently and productively use modern computational tools and experimental methods.