Mohamed H.Alkordi, Ph.D

academic title

Professor of Chemistry and Material Science

Center for Materials Science



Director of Research Office

Director of Material Science Program

Co-founder and Co-director of Center of Materials Science 


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Education: Doctor of Philosophy degree in chemistry from the University of South Florida, U.S. in 2010

Research Areas: Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Energy Engineering , Environmental Science , Pharmaceutics

Research Interests: Functional Materials, Microporous materials, Novel materials, water splitting applications, CO2 capture and conversion

Keywords: catalysis, microporous, materials, energy, storage, water, treatment

1) M. H. Hassan, A. B. Soliman, W. A. Elmehelmey, A. A. Abugable, S. G. Karakalos, M. Elbahri, A. Hassanien and M. H. Alkordi*. A Ni-loaded, metal–organic framework–graphene composite as a precursor for in situ electrochemical deposition of a highly active and durable water oxidation nanocatalyst. Chemical Communications, 2018, DOI: 10.1039/C8CC07120A

2) Worood A. El-Mehalmey, Ahmed H. Ibrahim, Arwa A. Abugable, Mohamed H. Hassan,  Rana R. Haikal, Stavros G. Karakalos, Omar Zaki, and Mohamed H. Alkordi*. Metal–organic framework@silica as a stationary phase sorbent for rapid and cost-effective removal of hexavalent chromium. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018, 6 (6), 2742-2751.

3) Ahmed B. Soliman, Tran Ngoc Huan, Mohamed H. Hassan, Arwa A. Abugable, Worood A. Elmehalmey,  Stavros G.Karakalos, Manuel Tsotsalas,  Marita Heinle, Marc Fontecave, and Mohamed H. Alkordi * Pt Immobilization within a Tailored Porous-Organic Polymer‒Graphene Composite: Opportunities in the Hydrogen Evolving Reaction. ACS catalysis, 2017, 7 (11), 7847–7854.



1) Erasmus + mobility fund, 2017, Ireland-University of Limerick

2) Novel porous materials as solid electrolytes in energy devices, Egypt-India collaborative fund, ASRT,

3) Porous-Organic Polymers for CO2 Capture Applications: Structure-Property Relationships through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Egypt-USA collaborative fund, STDF

1) Egyptian State Encouragement Award in Science and Technology

2) Georg-Forster Experienced Researcher Fellowship, 2017, Germany

3) recognized by Publons among the top 1% of reviewers in Materials Science in 2018