New Campus Development

Former Egyptian President Adly Mansour issued decree 115 on April 9, 2014, granting 198 acres to Zewail City for the construction of the new campus in the October Gardens of 6th of October City.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi decreed that the new campus be built by the Engineering Authority of the Egyptian Armed Forces and inaugurated in a one-year time frame. Zewail City’s University of Science and Technology and Research Institutes are now fully operational at the Sheikh Zayed campus—in accord with decree 832 granted by Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab—until construction of the new campus is completed. The headquarters is also fully functional in Cairo’s Garden City.

A team of prominent architects worked — under direct supervision of the Chairman of the Board — on creating a campus that would achieve the City’s vision and mission within a structure that unifies the five essential components Zewail City needs.

Zewail City’s new campus is spacious, technologically innovative, and environmentally sensitive. With new and developed facilities, the City will have a progressive campus offering state-of-the-art resources to students and faculty, which will further enhance Zewail City’s reputation as one of the primary academic institutions.  The new campus will express the City’s mission; to bring about effective participation in 21st Century science, and to elevate local technologies to the world level, and to increase national productivity. The design of the new campus unites Egyptian and architectural traditions. In this new environment, we will provide a merit-based education founded on creative thinking, and engage with the public-at-large, in order to contribute to the construction of a knowledge-based society.

The design includes a highly utilized area for students and faculty interaction with the community. The campus is designed to also accommodate exhibitions, performances, and many outdoor functions, in addition to outstanding audiovisual equipment and technical facilities. Residential areas for students and faculty are also available, in addition to exceptional IT facilities with wireless networking and smart classrooms. 

Construction at the new location is proceeding at a steady pace and you can follow the development of the new campus through our enriched video playlist below.

 Latest update for the new campus development - December 2016