Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics

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A total of 60 credits of practical work is required for the Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics Program. Students should consult their advisor on a regular basis to ensure that the requirements for the Ph.D. directed research and the Ph.D. dissertation are fulfilled.

The aim of coursework requirements is to provide students in the Ph.D. program in Applied Mathematics with special advanced knowledge essential for completion of doctoral research. PhD candidates have to take at least four courses from the 700-level courses in the Course Catalog. Students have to take an additional two courses; these two courses may be taken from the set of 700-level courses in the Course Catalog or may be taken from 600-level courses offered in the M.Sc. program in Applied Mathematics. Ph.D. candidates may not register for 600-level courses that they have taken during the course of previous studies before being admitted to the Ph.D. program.


700-Level Elective Courses:


1. Multiple Criteria Optimization (3 Cr)

2. Number Theory and Cryptography (3 Cr)

3. Advanced Functional Analysis (3 Cr) 

4. Harmonic Analysis (3 Cr) 

5.  Measure theory II (3 Cr)