Recent News

Misr El Kheir Foundation honors CTP director on ‘Day of Knowledge’

Zewail City of Science and Technology is proud that Dr. Shaaban Khalil, director of the City’s Center for Theoretical Physics (CTP), will be honored by the Misr El Kheir Foundation’s Scientific Publication Award. The award is in recognition of his leading scientific contributions in the field of theoretical physics

Leading photonics pioneer visits the CPSM

Dr. Bahaa Saleh, the dean of the College of Optics and Photonics (CREOL) at the University of Central Florida, gave a talk on 3 January 2013 at the Center for Photonics and Smart Materials (CPSM) titled "Future of Photonics". Dr. Saleh also sat with Dr. Salah Obayya, the director of the Center for Photonics and Smart Materials, to discuss future research collaboration between the CPSM and CREOL.

Zewail City to participate in Bioblast Conference on Mitochondrial Competence

Dr. Sameh Ali, director of Zewail City’s Center for Aging and Associated Diseases (CAAD), has been invited to participate in Bioblast 2012 - Conference on Mitochondrial Competence, which will be held from 10-12 December in Innsbruck, Austria. During the conference, Ali will present his latest research, as well as the progress made by Zewail City in establishing the CAAD. Ali has also been invited to join the Bioblast International Scientific Committee.

National Project for Scientific Renaissance

Zewail City of Science and Technology--Egypt's National Project for Scientific Renaissance--announces that Lawyer Ragai Attia has been entrusted with all legal measures and actions needed to proceed with the Project’s completion. This Project was adopted and approved by the Egyptian legal system and was donated to by the great people of Egypt with the aim of advancing Egypt's national interest, and therefore, Attia will be confronting and resolving any constraints that may arise and will be taking all means deemed necessary to push this National Project forward along the path of renaissance

Zewail City’s International Supreme Advisory Board welcomes its seventh Nobel Laureate

Zewail City is pleased to announce that Dr. William Phillips, the 1997 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, has joined Zewail City's International Supreme Advisory Board. Phillips was a co-winner of the Nobel Prize in the field of atomic physics for the "development of new methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light".

Zewail City at ESOF2012

Egyptian teenager shines at ESOF 2012 Dublin

 A number of sessions were held at the European Science Open Forum (ESOF2012) on Thursday, 12 July 2012, at the Convention Centre in Dublin. One of the most interesting sessions was the Invention Convention, where creative young minds pitched their innovations in three minutes or less to a panel of distinguished judges.

Zewail City appoints faculty expert in nuclear engineering and plasma physics

Dr. Ali Abdou will be joining Zewail City as associate professor at The university of Science and Technology starting February 2013. He specializes in the fields of plasma physics and nanofabrication. Abdou will help develop the course material for the subjects of materials science and nanotechnology engineering at the university.

Zewail City: hub for high caliber Egyptians with international expertise

High caliber academics in various fields of research and development are joining the team of international expertise at the City. The latest group is in the area of biophysics, nanoscience, and biotechnology.

Zewail City Appoints Director of Photonics and Smart Materials

Zewail City is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Salah Obayya as Director of the Center for Photonics and Smart Materials hosted by the Institute for Energy, Environment and Space (IEES). His appointment begins 1 August, 2012.

Zewail City and Banque Misr Establish Economics Center and Scholarship Fund

Zewail City of Science and Technology and Banque Misr have partnered to establish the Talaat Harb Center for Economics and Global Affairs at Zewail City and to establish a scholarship fund for The University of Science and Technology students.

Zewail City Launches Genome Initiative at Helmy Institute for Medical Sciences

Zewail City is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Sherif El-Khamisy from the University of Sussex, UK to head the Genome Unit for Medical Sciences. Professor El-Khamisy will begin his appointment as Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics 1 August, 2013. Starting 1 July, 2012 El-Khamisy will be an adjunct professor for exchanging scientific knowledge between British institutions and Zewail City.

Zewail City Appoints Chair of Biomedical Sciences

Dr Nagwa El-Badri will be joining Zewail City as the Chair of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Science and Technology starting August 1, 2012.

Zewail City Appoints Director of Nanoelectronics Center

In a new initiative of cooperation and collaboration, Dr Yehea Ismail has been appointed as the Director of the Center for Nanoelectronics and Devices (CND) at Zewail City of Science and Technology and the American University in Cairo (AUC). Dr Ismail was a tenured faculty member at Northwestern University in the United States, and will begin his full time position to lead the Center on 15 April, 2012.

Zewail City Receives CIB Foundation Support for 50 Scholarships

The Board of CIB Foundation has approved the support of 50 scholarships at Zewail City of Science and Technology. These scholarships are for students who are deserving of this honor for their merit in achievement or need of support.

Zewail City Appoints the University’s Founding Provost

Dr Sherif Sedky, currently the Director of the Science and Technology Research Center at the American University in Cairo (AUC), has accepted the appointment of Founding Provost at The University of Science and Technology. Sedky also holds the positions of Professor of Physics and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research at AUC. The appointment begins April 1, 2012.