Reem Arafa

academic title

Professor of Biomedical Sciences


Director of the Drug Design and Discovery lab

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Education: Doctor of Philosophy degree in Applied Organic Chemistry from Georgia State University, U.S.

Research Areas: Computer-aided drug design, molecular modeling, medicinal chemistry, drug discovery.

Research Interests: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of small molecules with diagnostic and therapeutic capacity. Using computer-aided molecular modeling techniques to understand the behavior of molecular targets upon binding interactions with ligands.

Keywords: Drug design, molecular modeling, medicinal chemistry, small molecules, diagnostics, therapeutics.


1) NE Abo-elmagd, RF George, MA Ezzat, RK Arafa - New 1-phthalazinone Scaffold based Compounds: Design, Synthesis, Cytotoxicity and Protein Kinase Inhibition Activity, Minirev. Med. Chem., 2018, 18,1759-1774.
2) NK Sedky, ZH El Gammal, AE Wahba, E Mosad, ZY Waly, AA El‐Fallal, RK Arafa, N El‐Badri, The molecular basis of cytotoxicity of α‐spinasterol from Ganoderma resinaceum: Induction of apoptosis and overexpression of p53 in breast and ovarian cancer cell lines, J. Cell. Biochem., 2018, 119, 3892-3902
3) H Mohammad, NH Elghazawy, HE Eldesouky, YA Hegazy, W Younis, L Avrimova, T Hazbun, RK Arafa, MN Seleem, Discovery of a Novel Dibromoquinoline Compound Exhibiting Potent Antifungal and Antivirulence Activity That Targets Metal Ion Homeostasis, ACS Infect. Dis., 2018, 4, 403-414.


1) Title: Design and Synthesis of BET Inhibitors as Anticancer Agents. Project No. 5, Egypt -France Scientific and Technological Cooperation Program “IMHOTEP”, Cairo, Egypt.

2) Title: Alzheimer’s disease: design, synthesis and biological efficacy screening of new potential therapeutic entities for an old disease, Project No. ASRT 4, Jesor, Cairo, Egypt.

3) Title: Structural studies on Riboswitches as potential drug targets, Project No. ASRT 14, Jesor, Cairo, Egypt.

1) 2015 Egyptian State  Incentive Award for Advanced Technological Sciences Award in Medical Sciences