Zewail City's Innovative Role Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Research Office

The Research office was established in February 2017. It is responsible for providing a rich and appropriate environment for researchers and students in ZC to conduct innovative and safe research protect their IP rights, commercialize their research products in order to fill the gap between research and industry.

Research office of Zewail city is supported by TICO with co-fund from ASRT to enable achieving the research office goals, and offer several services.







Vision and mission

Vision: Research office advocate creative research in Zewail city towards innovative social and economic research outcomes which can be transformed from lab to market, leading to solving national and social problems.

Mission: Research office mission is to increase Zewail City research opportunities and assist researchers and students to obtain and manage research grants, manage their research effectively. Also, Research office supports the development and commercialization of valuable research product leading to satisfying the social and national economy needs.

Offered Services


Grants and Research Collaborations Office /GICO

The aim is to develop research ideas by providing eligible and good grant opportunities, information about national and international funding agencies. In addition to assist researchers in writing and submitting suitable proposals. This is achieved by providing services to:

  • Develop research and publications policies
  • Identify potential funding National and international opportunities relevant to ZC research themes.
  • Support researchers in managing technical/ administrative tasks in research projects
  • Follow up on research grants, partnerships, and research agreements
  • Enhance the chances of obtaining technical and financial support for research project
  • Establish partnerships with benefactors and sponsors.
  • Ensure the research is implemented and regulated under ethical standards.
  • Assist researchers in searching and retrieving technology information
  • Monitor technology markets and competitors


Technology transfer and support Center / TTO / TISC

It aims to enable researchers to exploit their innovative potential and to create, protect, and manage their intellectual property (IP) rights. It evaluates the produced invention’s and protects the Intellectual property of the invention of economic value and benefit to the Egyptian market and sociality by securing patents, and copyrights.
This is achieved by providing service to:

  • Support and advise researchers of the research and the commercialization aspects of their prototypes.
  • Evaluate patentable ideas and inventions
  • Protect and License the intellectual properties of high potential to commercialize valuable researchers’ inventions and discoveries.
  • Support researchers to transform their invention with social and national importance from lab to market
  • Support researchers with market needs and national industrial requirements.
  • Raise awareness of innovative research and technologies
  • Creating a database for research activities in Zewail City.
  • Work with researchers to follow with their projects and discoveries
  • Link the industry and research together
  • Review and evaluate new discoveries and technologies with commercialization potential
  • Funding the prototype and Semi-industrial model
    • Negotiate and enforce license agreements and other contracts
  • Facilitate economic development through support of entrepreneurial


Research Development and Innovation / RDI

It aims to serve Zewail city community to enhance research, development and innovation performance facilitating towards a knowledge-based economy by fostering the Science and Innovation culture and environment, and expanding research collaboration between with business sectors. This is achieved by providing service to:

  • Establish an updated database of researchers and research areas relevant to RDI programmes.
  • Update Zewail City with new calls and information.
  • Undergo a continuous process of capacity building and training which enables researchers to provide relevant information to researchers whenever requested.
  • Organize of capacity building activities on how to prepare and apply for a research grant from EU funding programmes.
  • Organize of information sessions/days, website, promotional material, networking activities, email alerts and newsletters.
  • Provide researchers with focused guidance and support aiming at a successful participation.
  • Guidance for interested researchers with needed technical and administrative guidance to apply for RDI programmes and activities.
  • Identify funding opportunities relevant to the researcher’s field of expertise Assistance of researchers.
  • Advising and consultation activities to successful applicants.


Environmental Health and Safety

It aims to serve Zewail city community by promoting safety to protect the environment and member’s health. We are committed to developing the culture which values safety, health, and environment, and promotes safe practices throughout all facilities and activities in the city; research labs practice, outdoor experimental practices, workshops activities, …etc.

EHS provide service to faculty, researchers, students, and staff to recognize risks and allow them to learn, conduct experiments, and work safely within minimal injuries, illnesses, and harmful environmental impact. This is accomplished by providing services to:

  • Develop safety policies to protect members and students in Zewail City.
  • Eliminate potential hazards in Zewail City campus
  • Provide 24/7 monitoring and support to all members and facilities
  • Protect the students and researchers undertaking practical training or research at Zewail city
  • Provide training on safety regulations and capacity building to community
  • Providing training and on spot consultation
  • Conduct periodic audits and reviews of environmental health and safety practices in research and educational workshops
  • Conduct frequent scenario rehearsal for evacuations and emergency safe acts
  • Mange bio/chemical hazards
  • Manage and regulate animal facility use, and ensure animals are treated ethically and human in research


Research Achievement


MemberPatent Name
Yacoub, Magdi & El-Sherbiny, I.M Pharmaceutical formulations for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension
Yacoub, Magdi & El-Sherbiny, I.M Inhibition of PCSK9
Yacoub, Magdi & El-Sherbiny, I.M NO-eluting bioabsorbable stent
Yacoub, Magdi & El-Sherbiny, I.M Therapeutic formulations for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma, cystic fibrosis, chlorine inhalation, influenza and acute myocardial infarction
El-Sherbiny, I.M., El-Tawab, H.S.G., Abdelhamid, A.G., Toraya A.M.A. Enhanced and Efficient Parabolic Trough System
El-Sherbiny, I.M., El-Tawab, H.S.G., Abdelhamid, A.G., Toraya Innovative Design for the Efficient Usage of Concentrated Solar Power for Water Desalination and Electricity Generation
Nagwa El-Badri, Noha Mousa, Sabreen Khalil Biomimetic Amniotic Membrane Niche for Stem Cells
Nagwa El-Badri, Noha Mousa, Mohamed EL-Sayed,Sara M. Ahmed Device for Mechanical Separation of Adipose Stem Cells
Ahmed E. Morra, Hossam M.H. Shalaby, Salem F. Hegazy and Salah S.A. Obayya Hybrid Direct-Detection Differential Phase Shift Keying-Multipulse Pulse Position Modulation Techniques for Optical Communication Systems
Sherif El-Khamisy and Sherif Shawky Nanogenomics diagnosis of HCV


Name of Center/Department in Zewail CityIndustrial Partner
Center of Excellence for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine The Egypt Fertility Center
Center of Excellence for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Center of Excellence for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)
Center of Excellence for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Heart Biotech Company”, London, UK
Center for Materials Science ECHEM
Center for Materials Science Pharco Pharmaceuticals Co
Center for Materials Science United Therapeutics (UT) Company for pharmaceuticals, UK
Center of Nanoelectronics and Devices Trena Solar
Center of Nanoelectronics and Devices Sola for Alternative Energy Systems
Center of Genomics Sussex Cancer Centre
Center of Genomics Abo El Reesh Hospital

Contact Us

Contact Name: Dr. Mohamed Alkordi

Email: malkordi@zewailcity.edu.eg

Contact Title: Director of the Research Office. 

Address: Hadayk October, Zewail Road, 6th of October, Giza

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