Shaaban Khalil

academic title

Professor of Physics


Director of Center for Fundamental Physics

Contact Information


Office#: NB, G005




Education: D.Sc. in High Energy Physics, Royal Society, UK

Ph.D. in Particle Physics at the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Italy

Research Areas: Theoretical Physics

Research Interests: High Energy Physics

Keywords: Particle Physics, Cosmology, early universe


1) Khalil, S. and Moretti, S. (2017.). Book on “Supersymmetry beyond Minimality: From Theory to Experiment”, CRC Press, ISBN 9781498756730 - CAT# K27544
2) Khalil, S. and Moretti, S. (2017). The B−L supersymmetric standard model with inverse seesaw at the large hadron collider. Reports on Progress in Physics, 80(3), p.036201.
3) Cao, Q., Khalil, S., Ma, E. and Okada, H. (2011). ObservableT7Lepton Flavor Symmetry at the Large Hadron Collider. Physical Review Letters, 106(13).
4) Huitu, K., Khalil, S., Okada, H. and Rai, S. (2008). Signatures for Right-Handed Neutrinos at the Large Hadron Collider. Physical Review Letters, 101(18).
5) Khalil, S. and Kou, E. (2003). Possible Supersymmetric Solution to the Discrepancy between B→ϕKS and B→η′KS CP Asymmetries. Physical Review Letters, 91(24).
6) Abel, S., Khalil, S. and Lebedev, O. (2002). Additional Stringy Sources for Electric Dipole Moments. Physical Review Letters, 89(12).
7) Abel, S., Khalil, S. and Lebedev, O. (2001). Electric Dipole Moment Cancellations in D-Brane Models. Physical Review Letters, 86(26), pp.5850-5853.
8) Bailin, D. and Khalil, S. (2001). Flavor-Dependent Supersymmetric Phases and CP Asymmetry in B→Xs γ Decays. Physical Review Letters, 86(19), pp.4227-4230.


1) STDF funds for physics beyond the standard model
2) ICTP affiliated center
3) EU Horizon2020


1.State award for Excellence in Basic Sciences
2.State Award for Encouragement in Physics
3.Shoman prize for young Arab researchers in Physics
4.Istanbul University International Award in Science.
5.Third World Academy of Sciences Award in Physics
6.Amin Lotfy Award in Physics
7.Chair of Basic Science in African Academy of Science