Sherif El-Khamisy

academic title

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics


Director of the Center for Genomics

Contact Information


Office#: HIMS, F046



Education: Doctor of Philosophy degree in biochemistry from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom

Research Areas: Biochemistry, Genetics , Molecular Biology , Cell Biology, Medicine,  Neuroscience , Pharmaceutics, Biological Sciences

Research Interests: Genomics, yeast genetics, mammalian genetics, nanotechnology

Keywords: yeast, genomics, nano, medicine, repair, diagnoses


1) Hegazy, M. T., Allam, W. R., Hussein, M. A., Zoheir, N., Quartuccio, L., El-Khamisy, S. F., . . . the Mediterranean Consortium for the study of Cryoglobulinemic Vasculitis. (2018). Increased genomic instability following treatment with direct acting anti-hepatitis C virus drugs. EBioMedicine, 35, 106-113.

2) Elserafy, M., & El-Khamisy, S. F. (2018). Choose your yeast strain carefully: The RAD5 gene matters. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, 19(6), 343-344

3) Walker, C., Herranz-Martin, S., Karyka, E., Liao, C., Lewis, K., Elsayed, W., . . . El-Khamisy, S. F. (2017). C9orf72 expansion disrupts ATM-mediated chromosomal break repair. Nature Neuroscience, 20(9), 1225-1235. 

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1)Genetic-based approach to improve treatment outcomes of ovarian cancer in Egypt: a combined approach of microRNA profiling, genome stability and aptamer development. STDF
2)Chromosomal Break Repair in Health and Disease. (EU/BC grant administered by STDF)
3)Understanding the roles of topoisomerases in carcinogenesis and cancer therapy by STDF
4)Genome editing, sequencing and high throughput screening technologies to develop novel cancer therapies -ASRT JESOR Fund



1) State Award for Excellence in Medical Sciences 2018 from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology

2) The distinguished Wellcome Trust Fellowship and Wellcome Trust Investigator Award from the United Kingdom

3) The Egyptian National Award in Medical Sciences from the National Science Academy in Egypt