Structure of the academic admission exam

The academic admission exam covers the following subjects:

1-Mathematics I
2- Mathematics II
3- Physics
4- Biology
5- Chemistry
6- Logical reasoning I
7- Logical reasoning II



Each exam question will be presented in both English and Arabic. All questions are in multiple-choice format. The test is comprised of five sections for a total duration of 150 minutes with no breaks. Each section should be completed within 30 minutes and the number of questions varies according to the subject.

There is one elective section, allowing candidates to choose to solve either the math II section or the biology section. All other sections are mandatory. The exam does not follow a specific curriculum. It is designed to measure students’ understanding of the basic concepts. The exam is computer administered.


Applicants with the top scores will be required to take the university’s admission exam in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and analytical thinking. Only the top performing students in this exam will be selected for final admittance to the university’s study programs. The university’s academic admission examination is designed to test students’ knowledge, their ability to identify underlying relationships necessary to achieve the correct answer, and their ability to demonstrate critical thinking. The students’ success in the admission exam ensures their readiness to proceed with the university’s educational system.

The academic admission examination (STEM ) is valid for ONE year only, starting from Fall 2019 admission, so applicants who pass it in a certain academic year and wish to reapply may not need to re sit for the exam depending on the old scores of the admission's exam. It is of utmost importance to fill in a new online application form as old applications are not considered. The applicant will need to contact the office of Admission and Registration for an advice regarding his / her old score of the admission's exam. Applicants, who apply early, are allowed to repeat the STEM exam Only Once, at least three months after conducting the first exam.

Structure of the admission exams


1. Academic admission exam

A. Structure The academic admission exam is a computer-based exam administered in both the English and the Arabic languages. The examinees can choose to take the math exam or the biology exam based on their field of focus in high school. Each exam consists of five sections and each section consists of objective multiple choice questions. The recommended time to spend on each section is 30 minutes. Each section consists of a stem – which may be in the form of a question or an incomplete statement – and multiple answers labeled A, B, C, D. Examinees must choose the correct or most appropriate answer by checking on the circle or the check box next to the answer. They can navigate freely through the questions and sections.

B. Admission exam grading Every correct answer on the admission exam will be awarded one mark. Questions with wrong answers or no answers will not receive negative marks.

C. Documentation requirements to sit the exam Government-issued ID (only national ID cards or Egyptian/foreign passports are accepted). Printout of the exam admission email sent by admission office with the candidate ID number.

2. Personal interview

The top performing applicants will be invited to a personal interview to measure three key aspects:

  • Motivation to attend the University of Science and Technology at Zewail City.
  • Emotional stability.
  • Communication skills and self-confidence.
  • Language skills are not part of the interview evaluation metrics.
For Any Inquiry:

Please send an email to Or visit the Office of Admission and Registration in Zewail City of Science and Technology, Dr. Ahmed Zewail Road, October Gardens, 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt. One Stop Shop - ground floor, Room No: G004 in any day from 9 AM to 2 PM except Friday, Saturday and the official vacations.