Studying at the University of Science and Technology

The University of Science and Technology is an integral part of Zewail City of Science and Technology. It is the hub connecting academic excellence to cutting-edge research, at the research centers, and to industry through the technology transfer pyramid. To fulfill its mission, the University of Science and Technology shall invest in our young generations, providing the optimal environment for learning and development.

The degree concentrations and study curricula at the University of Science and Technology are carefully designed to prepare our graduates to tackle demanding challenges in our region, ranging from endemic diseases, the need for improved health care systems, environmental management, to water treatment and the need for renewable energy. Our graduates are expected to acquire a deep understanding of basic sciences as well as hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies. The concentrations that we offer expose students to research facilities and laboratories that will enable them to conduct both basic scientific research and industry-linked research projects. The interdisciplinary nature of our programs provides ample opportunities for sharing knowledge and creative thinking among our students. This is essential to enable our graduates to develop novel, non-conventional solutions for problems that have significant social, economic and environmental impacts.

The university graduates can choose to continue their academic careers and become actively involved in research and teaching. Many of our students will take the skills that they learn at the university into employment in business and industry, in both technical and non-technical jobs. Some of our graduates will combine their technical skills with entrepreneurial role in starting new businesses.