Teaching Effectiveness Unit (TEU)


To develop the educational capabilities and skills of the academic staff through workshops, classroom observations, and one-to-one coaching strategies. To ensure achieving this goal, the TEU sets teaching and assessment standards in coordination with the accreditation unit, and coordinates with the faculty administration, accreditation unit, and learning technologies to ensure proper implementation of teaching effectiveness plan. Furthermore, the TEU participates in the student orientation to establish awareness of the unit’s role; in addition, it conducts students’ meetings following an open-door policy for students to discuss their concerns.


To bridge the gap between theory and practice in learning and teaching by introducing faculty members to innovative instructional strategies and pedagogical techniques.


Teaching Effectiveness Unit (TEU) ensures the quality of teaching by offering a series of faculty training throughout the academic year that aims at engaging educators in events, workshops and activities that introduce them to innovative teaching strategies and pedagogical techniques. Additionally, these workshops foster a reflective community where faculty members can share their teaching experiences and techniques and reflect on them.


1- Observations:

a. Random observations for all new Professors.

b. Follow up observations for the professors who need coaching and/or finished a staff training provided by the TEU.

c. Conduct clinical observations for Professors that had identified concerns in their final course evaluations,                   observations, and recommendations from Program Coordinators.

d. Conduct random and follow up observations for Teaching Assistants whenever needed

2- Syllabus Review:

Review as many as possible course outlines (all syllabi received by unit) to review the assessment section making sure that the assessment complies with the university policy and that the timeline of tasks allows sufficient time for feedback to be communicated to students.  We communicate all concerns to the Professors.

3- Course Feedback and Evaluation:

a. Conduct the Midterm and Final course evaluation for all courses.

b. Give oral feedback to all professors via face to face meeting and provide written feedback to problematic ones.

c. Analyze and summarize the results of the Final Course Survey and send evaluations to Professors.

d. TEU representatives are willing to discuss final evaluation feedback for any professor who is interested.

4- Identifying and Dealing with Problems:

a. Meetings with the SU Academic Committee when needed.

b. Meeting with major representatives when needed.

c. Having an open-door policy for students to discuss their concerns.

5- Workshops and Orientation Sessions:

a. Conducting faculty training workshops for the professors.

b. Introducing an orientation session for new students about the TEU and its role.

c. Conducting an induction workshop for TAs.



1-  Foundations of Teaching

Module 1:

o   Paradigm Shift in Higher Education

o   Adolescent Behavior

Module 2:

o   Course Design

o   Assessment

Module 3:

o   Lecture Design

2- Advanced Modules (Pedagogy Transformation Initiative)

Module 1:

o   Assessment for Better Learning

Module 2:

o   Advanced Teaching Methodologies

Module 3:

o   Promoting Positive Environment



1- Faculty staff training

o   TEU have held over 10 faculty staff training events (professors and TAs).

o   Trained about 60 professors in different majors.

o   Pedagogy Transformation Initiative has started in February 2019 with 8 professors who took 2 consecutive trainings.

2- Course Evaluation (Mid-term and Final)

o   Course evaluations (either online or paper) have been carried out for all majors since Fall 2015 till present (about 14 semesters).

3- Class Observation

o   Over 20 professors are visited and observed in their classes every year by TEU members (from 2015 to 2020).