Wael Fakharany

Wael Fakharany

Wael Fakharany

VP & General Manager EMEA Incorta

Wael Fakharany is the Vice President and General Manager of EMEA for Incorta since June 2017. It’s a silicon valley enterprise analytics startup funded by Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins and has successful global clients in the fortune 10 list.

Prior to Incorta Wael was the Managing Director and Global Sr.VP for government relations for Careem . Formerly he was the Regional Managing Director of Google in the Middle East and Africa. Google is Google’s secretive scientific and innovation lab that aims to make the world a better place by applying technology to large problems in the world by developing radical solutions called ”Moon Shots”. Examples of the “Moon Shots” include Google’s driverless cars, Google Glass, Project Loon and Makani who are developing an energy Kite that generates energy at lower cost than conventional wind systems.

Before Joining Google , Wael was the Head of Agencies for the Middle East and North Africa at Google as well as the Regional Director for Egypt & North Africa since January 2008. Prior to that, he held several executive positions at IBM, 3Com Middle East & North Africa, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle, to name a few. He also successfully founded Wireless Dynamics, before exiting the company in November 2008. His experience extends for more than 27 years in the technology & innovation field.

He is amongst the top most influential and inspirational figures in the region with merit clout that cuts across the different audience. Wael is also considered one of the leading figures in the Middle East that pushes technology and innovation industries forward, transforming the lives of millions. He is an experienced business and corporate leader with a history of conceiving, delivering and leading profitable groups of businesses, projects and investments as well as maintaining sustained high growth in challenging sensitive contexts.

In addition to the above, Wael has the ability to discuss a myriad of topics and issues in depth in relation to the initiatives of the private sector in the development of start-ups and evolving the capabilities of entrepreneurs in the Arab region via the use of advanced technology whilst encouraging innovation, inspiring and pushing people out of their comfort zones.

Wael currently serves on the board of ValU a consumer finance company that is owned by the Egyptian regional Investment bank EFG-Hermes.