Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

Professor Ahmed Zewail, Chairman of Zewail City, has formed the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) whose members are equally comprised of Zewail City Friends and students of the University of Science and Technology at the City. The objective of the YAC is to seek Youth’s advice and share concerns, and to discuss future plans of the City with members of the Council.

The University of Science and Technology representatives:

  • Mahmoud Abdelhay
  • Alaa Mobarak Bakry
  • Eslam Genena
  • Khaled Hefnawy Mohamed 
  • Bishoy Albier Wadie 


Zewail City Friends representatives:

  • Ahmed Abdelbadeea
  • Mohamed Adel
  • Osama Khwaga
  • Mahmoud Kishk
  • Ramy Saad