Zewail City First Career Fair

Zewail City's University of Science and Technology is preparing its first recruitment fair exclusively for our undergraduate students.

Celebrating the first graduating batch of Zewail city students, the University of Science & Technology at Zewail city is organizing the first Career Fair to introduce our top notch scientific and engineering specialized students to the market. Participating organization will have the opportunity to meet our highly selected students from the ten science and engineering majors and share with them their recruitment needs and requirements.

Zewail City Career Fair is a one-day employment and internship event that provides a forum for cultivating and developing productive relationships between Zewail City (ZC) expected graduates and senior students and the corporate world. The main objective of the event is to integrate the organizations’   recruiting needs with the skills and qualifications of ZC students. The Career Fair gives participating companies an opportunity to build their image on campus among a qualified pool of Zewail city graduates and senior students and allow them to select the best candidates for their internship and employment opportunities.

Companies registered in the Career Fair are assigned booths in the Zewail City campus. As a guide for Zewail City students seeking employment and internship opportunities, the Career Advising Unit will share the relevant information about the participating companies and the vacant positions on the Career Services page on Zewail City website. Corporate representatives are also encouraged to bring an ample supply of corporate material, such as brochures, annual reports, and application forms to be distributed to candidates.


Why Participate in Zewail City Career Fair?

  • Strengthen your organization’s presence on Zewail City campus. Put a face to your organization.
  • Build strong corporate presence and name recognition among Zewail City scientists and engineers.
  • Successfully hire for your recruiting needs.
  • Select best candidates for your internship program.
  • Develop a productive channel of communication with Zewail City and the corporate communities.
  • Have access to a diversified pool of highly qualified candidates from scientific and engineering  backgrounds with unique specializations.

For more information please email us at career advising email cats@zewailcity.edu



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Currently Dr. Sherine Hassan Abbas Helmy (Vice President of Pharco Corporation) is leading the organization after spending 30 years gaining massive experience from his father, the founder of Pharco, Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy.


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