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English, Excellent

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Faculty - Physics 

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Lab Engineer


- Coordinate planning, maintenance and repair of Physics teaching lab equipment.

- Support the Instructor(s) of foundation year Physics labs with proposals for new equipment and consultation with vendors on new products and research other lab programs at peer institutions to keep up to date with the latest technologies and techniques.


2.1 Maintain inventory and database (supplier, initial cost, catalogues, maintenance procedure & cost, calibration, SOP, operation logger, etc.) for lab equipment for first year Physics courses. Perform financial and asset management for the lab.

2.2 Supervise assigned undergraduate labs.

2.3 Contribute to training Physics teaching assistants for first year courses.

2.4 Contribute to the preparation and revision/improvement of laboratory and safety manuals under the supervision of University and adjunct faculty

2.5 Assemble and disassemble laboratory experiments in advance of and following lab sessions

2.6 Assist Teaching Assistants and students with troubleshooting laboratory equipment and experimental procedures.

2.7 Occasionally assist with/cover for other Physics lab courses (1st year courses) on an adhoc basis.

2.8 Support continuous upgrade of physics experiments and design of new experiments using latest scientific methods, techniques, and computer software. Develop new undergraduate labs as requested by the department.



3.1 Bachelor’s degree in Physics or closely related field

3.2 3 years experience working with scientific equipment

3.3 Master’s degree in related field is preferred

3.4 Prepared to regular work one day per week after hours

3.5 Evidence of experience providing lab safety training

3.6 Evidence of experience in lab equipment procurement

3.7 Evidence of familiarity with Matlab and Mathemetica

3.8 Evidence of experience in equipment maintenance contracting for an educational engineering laboratory setting.


- The jobholder has the full authority required to fulfill the responsibilities and duties listed under items No 1 and 2.

- Approval and signatory levels are in accordance with Zewail City Delegation of Authority. 

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Dr. Tarek Ibrahim,  Dean of Academic Affairs

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Please send your updated CV with the job title in the subject