The University of Science and Technology at Zewail City to begin admission process on 3 March 2013

In light of the issuance of Law No. 161 for Zewail City of Science and Technology on 20 December 2012, The University of Science and Technology is pleased to announce that its admissions process will begin on Sunday, 3 March 2013 for high school graduates (Thanaweya Amma, Thanaweya Azharia, and foreign diplomas). This year, three hundred students will be admitted to the university.

The minimum requirements for admission include a score of at least 90 percent for both science and mathematics divisions, in addition to passing the university’s admission exam. Given its independent and non-profit status, the university policy is guided by merit-based admission with financial aid for students with limited means. The university will be offering scholarships to the majority of accepted applicants.

Transfer requests will be accepted from applicants who attended other Egyptian or Arab universities (including Nile University) and who wish to join the first year of study scheduled to begin in September 2013. A future announcement will be made regarding transfer applicants who wish to join school years other than the first year.

The University of Science and Technology represents the core of Zewail City - a not-for-profit, independent scientific institution. The university is equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and scientific research facilities that will enable students to keep up with the latest trends in the various fields of science and technology, including nanotechnology, biomedical sciences, power engineering, environmental engineering, space communications, and physics of the Earth and Universe.

Application forms will be available on our website starting on 3 March 2013.