Zewail City Appoints Director of Nanoelectronics Center

In a new initiative of cooperation and collaboration, Dr Yehea Ismail has been appointed as the Director of the Center for Nanoelectronics and Devices (CND) at Zewail City of Science and Technology and the American University in Cairo (AUC). Dr Ismail was a tenured faculty member at Northwestern University in the United States, and will begin his full time position to lead the Center on 15 April, 2012.

Dr Yehea Ismail, Director of the Center for Nanoelectronics and Devices

“On behalf of the Supreme Advisory Board of Zewail City, I am very pleased that Dr Ismail will be supporting our effort in the National Project for Scientific Renaissance,” commented Dr Ahmed Zewail. “Dr Ismail is a known leader in the field of nanoelectronics and Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) design, and his contributions have had scientific and industrial impacts worldwide,” Zewail stated. “The new initiative between Zewail City and AUC will undoubtedly make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. We look forward to Dr Ismail’s leadership of the Center and to the anticipated impact on research and industry of this new frontier of technology,” he added.

Nanoelectronics is the science and engineering of devices that are designed and analyzed on the length scale of a billionth of a meter. This scale represents a new limit that is beyond those known in current computers by at least a thousand fold. The design and analysis of such minute devices are nontrivial and so is their fabrication.

Significant advances have been made – and will be made in the years to come – as a result of such impressive miniaturization. These advances are not only in the realm of scientific research but also in applied technologies such as in the areas of energy harvesting and conversion and in biomedical diagnostics.

Dr Ismail’s focus at the Center will be on the design and analysis of new devices and assemblies, and the partnership will benefit from the collective human resources and state-of-the-art facilities at both institutions.

“In this critical time of Egypt’s history, I find it imperative to establish a solid technological base that will have far-reaching impact on the economy. It is a privilege to work on this National Project with one of the world’s greatest scientists, Dr Ahmed Zewail,” Ismail said. “It is also a privilege to have the support of Zewail City and the AUC with the vision to cooperate for propelling this advanced technology in Egypt. I look forward to establishing a world-class center of excellence,” he added.

AUC Provost, Dr Medhat Haroun, said, “We are especially pleased that our first collaboration with Zewail City is in the area of nanoelectronics. The worldwide renowned credentials of Dr Yehea Ismail, the incoming director of the Center, will guarantee the success of this collaborative effort. Dr Ismail has distinguished experiences and proven innovations in nanoelectronics that will also attract talented researchers of high quality.”

Also commenting on the collaboration between the two institutions, Dr Sherif Sedky, Zewail University Founding Provost, said that establishing a joint research center between Zewail City and AUC is a first step towards creating strong inter-university collaboration in cutting edge research areas that will benefit Egypt scientifically and economically. “This partnership and others forthcoming will build upon complementary resources,” he said. “The expertise of Dr. Yehea Ismail, who is a world-renowned scientist in the field of nanoelectronics, will make the center unique and at the forefront of technology," he added.

Dr Ismail obtained his bachelor of engineering, with distinction and honors, in 1993 from Cairo University. He subsequently received Masters and PhD degrees from the University of Rochester (U.S.A). In 2000, he became a tenured faculty member in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northwestern University (U.S.A) and has held this position since then. Ismail is a Fellow of the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and is Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transaction on VLSI Systems, a leading journal in the field. He published more than 170 papers in top-ranked journals and conferences, has a number of patents, and he is a co-author of three books.


For further details, contact Zewail City Director of Communications and Development, Nadia El-Awady, at: press at zewailcity dot edu dot eg.

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