Zewail City receives new equipment for its university and research institutes

As part of its goal towards the establishment of a scientific research base in Egypt, Zewail City of Science and Technology has managed to successfully procure the most exclusive, state-of-the-art technologies available in the Middle East.

To fulfill this goal, the City is continuing its efforts to fully equip its specialized Research Centers which operate in several fields including, medical sciences, nanotechnology, energy, cosmology, and theoretical physics. This will enable researchers to conduct advanced research on topics such as cancer, hepatic failure, kidney failure, diabetes, heart failures, and endemic diseases.

As the new equipment is costly and highly sensitive, work is underway to set up ultra-clean chambers that will ensure a dust and vibration free work environment suitable for dealing with nanoparticles.

The new equipment will facilitate research that will hopefully contribute to the development of new drugs for chronic diseases and advanced therapies that may offer hope for many incurable diseases. This new equipment will also aid in the manufacture of novel microscopic devices, such as micro chips that can be implanted inside the human body for accurate monitoring of inaccessible parts of the body or for the injection of necessary drugs for certain diseases, such as diabetes, with no external intervention.

The recently acquired equipment includes energy harvesting devices that can generate electricity more effectively than currently available technologies.

In light of the close link between the City’s Research Centers and Zewail University of Science and Technology, which is expected to begin accepting new student applications early next month, university labs have also been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Students will have access to this equipment helping them develop the skills and abilities needed to expand their understanding of basic and modern sciences.

As part of its strategy to advance scientific research -the driving force for economical advance and progress- Zewail University aims at graduating a new generation of tech-savvy Egyptian youth.

Zewail City of Science and Technology -Egypt’s National Project for Scientific Renaissance- hosts seven Research Centers working in the fields of medical sciences, basic science, nanotechnology, imaging and visualization, energy and space, economy and global affairs, and virtual education. These centers, together with the university, Technology Pyramid, Academy and Center for Strategic Studies represent the City’s basic components.