Procurement & Logistics Officer

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4 /31/2019


English, Excellent

Arabic, Excellent

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1.1 Lead communication with the following governmental organizations :

1.1.1 Customs authority

1.1.2 Sales tax authority

1.1.3 Ministry of Health

1.1.4 Ministry of communication

1.1.5 Pharmacy department in customs ……etc

2 Lead deals with many companies such as forwarding, insurance, custom clearance and transportations companies after coordinating with the head of procurement DPT.

3 Oversees all aspects of purchasing, negotiations, strategy, tool and process implementation for procurement related to goods and services as instructed by procurement Director.

4 Re-evaluate service level agreements with providers, suppliers and contractors and suggest necessary improvements to always improve performance.

5 Plan that Zewail city receives the greatest value from its procurement activities by effectively terms and other areas delivering best value communicate and negotiate skills to deliver business satisfaction and achievement of overall procurement function.

6 Evaluate and measure supplier performance to meet expectations in terms of pricing and delivery

7 Follow procurement system, policies, procedures and general operations of procurement department and Support and manage procurement staff to process purchase orders in a timely and efficient manner utilizing GP system and provide orientation for new arrivals.

8 Monitor all suppliers' performance regarding their dealing with procurement department.

9 Assist all departments and centers in developing and consolidating their requirements and plans on quarterly basis

10 Identify any procurement draw back and omit plan to develop same.


3.1. Logistics experience not less than 3 years

3.2. Well-developed technical skills in Word and Excel

3.3. Bachelors' Degree




3 - 5 Years

Education major

Business Administration

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