Adjunct Faculty – Systems Biology

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Application Deadline

1 February, 2023 or until filled


English, Excellent 

Arabic, Excellent 

Job Category

Adjunct Faculty

Job Type

The University of Science and Technology is seeking an adjunct faculty member for one semester appointment to Foundations of Computational & System Biology. 

(Adjunct - Part Time)

Job Rank

Assistant, Associate, Full Professor

Qualifications and Courses

Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science, Physical Science  or Engineering, together with research experience in constructing and investigating mathematical models in molecular systems biology. That includes simulating and modeling biomolecular structures, cellular processes, or interactions between biological entities. Some experience teaching undergraduate students in related courses is preferred.


Applicants should show their proficiency to teach the following course: Foundations of Computational & System Biology. This course covers the implementation of some key requirements of living systems in both mathematical analysis and quantitative experimental methods. These include mathematical models approaches and limitations, computational analysis as well as introduction to genomics and metagenomice methods.


Education Major

Biomedical Sciences Program

Job Contact

Dr. Tarek Ibrahim, Dean of Academic Affairs

Job Contact