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October 15, 2021


English, Excellent 

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Assistant, Associate, Full Professor


The course should cover the majority of the following topics, according to the expertise and interest of the instructor: Structure, folding and dynamics of biological macromolecules, and complex assemblies of macromolecules, experimental methods of determining macromolecular structure and dynamics, and molecular interactions, statistical thermodynamics of biological processes including protein and nucleic acid folding, micelle assembly, simulations of biological processes at the molecular or cellular level or behavioral level and the principles behind them, biological networks including the function of the brain and nervous system, ion channels, the function of membrane proteins.  The course should be calculus-based and assume a fundamental knowledge of ordinary differential equation


  • Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in Physics, Biophysics or a closely related field, together with several years of research experience in molecular or cellular biophysics or neurophysics. Some experience in teaching undergraduate and/or graduate students in related courses is preferred.
  • Applicants should show their proficiency to teach the following courses:
            A) Biophysics
  • The Appointee will design and implement a course, which will include a theoretical and practical component; this should include a significant computational component using Linux and open-source software, preferably implemented on real-life data from biophysical measurements. (Facilities and materials for a limited number of laboratory-based sessions are also available.)

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Dr. Tarek Ibrahim,  Dean of Academic Affairs

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Please send your updated CV with the job title in the subject