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December 15, 2021


English, Excellent 

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Adjunct - Part Time

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Assistant, Associate, Full Professor


The Appointee will design and implement a course, which will include a theoretical and practical component and hands-on activity on the various cloud services for final year students at the CIE program.


The course includes the following topics:

-       The concepts of Virtualization in computing, storage and networking and popular hypervisors.

-       The basic concepts and terminology of cloud computing and its service models.

-       Cloud computing infrastructure and modern data centers

-       The economics of cloud computing; and their pricing models

-       The cloud security

-       Cloud programming

-       Application migration to a cloud environment

-       Cloud system administration

-       The popular cloud computing system and the various cloud services offering like Storage, Infrastructure, Compute, Data, etc.

-       Latest development of cloud computing technologies.


Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or a closely related field and have experience in teaching these topics to undergraduate and/or graduate students.

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Communications and Information Engineering

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Dr. Tarek Ibrahim,  Dean of Academic Affairs

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