Adjunct Faculty Environmental Engineering

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 August 13, 2020


English, Excellent 

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Assistant Professor, Associate Professor


Environmental engineers present engineering solutions to problems related to environment such as the pollution of water, air and soil. The environmental engineer specifies the environmental problems and develop designs for systems that serve the societal needs while preserving a clean environment. The Environmental Engineering Program at University of Science and Technology prepares its graduates in four main areas: Water, air, waste management and climate changes. The students study the design and development of air pollution control systems and water treatment such as sea water desalination, water distribution networks, and water and wastewater treatment systems.


Applicants should hold a PhD in a related Engineering Discipline from a recognized University. They should show their proficiency to teach one or more of the following courses:

  • Water Treatment Engineering
  • Water Desalination
  • Coastal Environmental Management

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Dr. Tarek Ibrahim,  Dean of Academic Affairs

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Please send your updated CV with the job title in the subject