Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Profile

Application Deadline

Feb 23, 2020


English, Excellent

Arabic, Excellent

Job Experience

Minimum 2 years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing with proven success.

Job Type

Full Time


Mainly the candidate will have the experience of (and shall be responsible for) the following:



  • Plan, and publish daily content (original text, images, videos or GIFs) that builds meaningful connections and encourage community members to take action.
  • Moderate the user-generated content and align with the moderation policy for each ZC page(s), also managing the community management policy within the internal departments.
  • Capturing and analyzing the appropriate social media data/metrics, insights and best practices to take actions accordingly.
  • Collaborate with the strategic marketing team members to plan for the dual activity events (Non-digital & Digital).
  • Researching media opportunities.
  • Developing media strategies and tactics



  • Set up and optimize Zewail pages within each platform to increase the visibility and online exposure of ZC.
  • Create content calendars based on upcoming events and scheduling/posting accordingly
  • Capturing and analyzing the appropriate social media data/metrics, insights and best practices to take actions accordingly.
  • Implementing the strategy that has been constructed by the Senior Digital Marketer and convert the ideas into actual content calendar.
  • Contributing in the events coverage (News - Highlights - Workshops - Visits - New agreements and protocols between corporates and ZC) in collaboration with the rest of the team and other external parties.
  • Monitor the website viewership on a weekly basis to keep an eye on the most viewed pages and enhance the content, to maintain a successful user experience.
  • Coordinate with the IT department in case of technical difficulties within the website.
  • Follow up and manage the daily content provided by different functions like HR, Faculty affairs, Research Centers, PR, and other departments.
  • Operating the paid campaigns on social media platforms according to the planned calendar and budget that is previously set with the concerned departments and in collaboration with other related functions to have a unified theme content aligning with the main ZC objectives and values.
  • Monitor the official website of ZC to make sure the content is tailored for each section, through collaboration with the concerned departments.
  • Planning, buying, tracking and optimizing media campaigns.
  • Manage agencies providing digital services to ZC to acquire high material such as; multimedia material, designs, content and shooting videos


The role with the agencies is broken down as;

  • Full understanding of the task objectives and direction.
  • Providing a clear brief to the vendor.
  • Reviewing scripts and other supporting tools and info.
  • Involving in implementation.
  • Follow up on the deadlines of subtasks and final versions submission.
  • Providing the final versions to the stakeholders. 



  • Reporting any new cases to be considered in the future digital plans.
  • Reporting the results of the paid campaigns to the direct manager and other concerned departments to measure the ROI and set the learning lessons to improve the following campaigns based on given facts.


  • Candidate preferably should have Photography & Videography along with editing skills
  • High-level of English language proficiency



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How to Apply

Please send your updated CV with the job title in the subject