English Instructor

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English, Excellent

Job Experience

  • 5-8 Years.

Job Type

Full Time - Part Time.


  • Show collegial cooperation and effective teamwork
  • Set course outcomes and design detailed weekly outlines using textbooks and supplementary material
  • Prepare communicative, student-centered lesson plans for online and/or offline classes
  • Design formative and summative assessments
  • Show high online and/or offline classroom management skills
  • Master direct and indirect corrective feedback techniques
  • Skillfully address differentiation in class
  • Efficiently use different teaching platforms and Google Meet
  • Actively participate in team meetings
  • Teach in blended, flipped, and face-to-face contexts
  • Provide individual conferencing when needed
  • Keep a record of students’ grades and attendance
  • Ensure consistency of submission dates and grading criteria across sections
  • Submit progress reports for weak and/or problematic students upon request
  • Participate in implementing contingency plans
  • Mark English Placement Exams
  • Fulfill Accreditation requirements


  • CELTA or MA in the field of Applied Linguistics
  • Experience in teaching TWO or more of the following courses: English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Rhetoric and Composition, Advanced Scientific Writing, Public Speaking


Upon finalizing the CV screening stage, the successful applicants will be required to:

  • Do a telephone interview with the English Courses Coordinator
  • Submit a soft copy of a student-centered, communicative lesson plan targeting one of the intended learning outcomes addressed in one of the four courses mentioned above; topic will be sent upfront.
  • Deliver an online demo using Google Meet; evaluation will be conducted by the English Instructors who will act as students during the demo
  • Present a face-to-face demo; evaluation will be conducted by the English Instructors who will act as students during the demo on campus



Car Owner


Education Major

  • Applied Linguistics 

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 Human Resources

Job Contact



How to Apply

Please send your updated CV with the job title in the subject otherwise we are sorry to tell you that your application will be disregarded