English Proficiency Test

  • Since English is the language of study at the University of Science and Technology, all prospective applicants have to sit for the English Proficiency Test ZC-PT or submit TOEFL-IBT or IELTS-Academic test scores.
  • Applicants who perform satisfactorily in their EPT will be able to apply to join the university and start their study programs directly or take intensive English study course as per the below table.
  • Applicants who do not pass the EPT will not be accepted

Zewail English Level



Exemption from Remedial Courses= ENG152/first credit course

7 and above in the overallIELTS score 

94 or above in the overallTOEFL (IBT) score 

Level 2 (ENGL004)

6.5 in the overall IELTS score 

79-93 in the overall TOEFL (IBT) score 

Level 1 (ENGL003) 

6 in the overall IELTS score 

60-78 in the overall TOEFL (IBT) score 

No admission

5.5 or less  in the overall IELTSscore

59 or less in the overallTOEFL (IBT) score